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Accepting Waves World




I have joined a Waves World leasing program and have been proven to pay. Thank you Waves World!


Great rewards. Expect big things from Team Waves World


Hey everyone dropping by to say:
Liked all the posts! Moneymind420!


Great project… It goes to moon soon…


Waves will appear with me, I will definitely join WavesWorld leasing.


Thank you very much)))


Hi please forgive my ignorance but how much % is paid back each week and is it paid in waves?? or WW token??


Please see listing at top.
Waves World pays 100% of LPOS Weekly
100% of Mined Waves
100% of Mined MRT
plus bonus WW Airdrop each week until June 2019. 7.6 million per week equalling 40% of all ww.


Leasing Waves is cool! I think for all non-millionaire newbies (and me as well) it would be useful to clarify with an example: how much will they receive Waves, MRT and Waves World on Mondays until June 2019, leasing 10 Waves? It is clear that the amount varies, but approximately …


I have already leased Waves World Node some waves and I get some rewards


We now have a lease of 200 and one for 30 waves amd 5000 waves.
We will srart posting the rewards for each on twitter


Yes, we will start posting more examples on Twitter. @bitlivewireio is our Twitter id.




Super proje sizi seviyorum



New Rewards Distribution is posted on Twitter.


Thank You…
I Got My rewards from leasing.


I am very interested in the WW leasing program, but I don’t really understand it … okay I’ll study it and will contribute …


Thank you. We are making explainer videos to help people understand our Platform as well as Waves Leasing. You can always find more information @ support.wavesplatform.com