Waves World Node


Here is Announcement For Waves Labs Grants, including the one for Waves World.


Hi ) My leasing transaction


Thank you so much,
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Community Governance # LPOS Proposal #1 Mined $ MRT will be used to Purchase WW Node will pay 100% Forged Waves and WW # Vote Send WW to alias wwyes or wwno Goal- Increased Demand for WW and constant liquidity. 48 hrs to vote, starting now.


The people have voted. Please review
MRT forged from Node will be used to buy WW Token, then 100% Waves World and Waves is distributed to leases.


can i lease the wavesworld? or just waves?


You can only lease Waves on any node.
But you can spend your Waves World rewards in the Marketplace.


OK, thanks for answer!