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And now, I already participate in leasing, getting coins and pleasure)


Hi there! What’s the TG channel link?


Кран какое-то время не работает:Failed to connect to teamspeak.blackturtle.eu port 6869: Connection refused




The turtle faucet is no longer being used
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Why I only receive unusable tokens, I have 22 waves on leasing but it brings me nothing at all …


Ciao, hai ricevuto qualcosa dal leasing ? io ho iniziato domenica 3 ma non ho ancora ricevuto nulla


I am new here & holding 100 waves at the exchange for several months. Could someone here help me how to lease? What are the earning potential with 100 waves?


Hello @WavesWorld, please consider that your second node (n2.wavesworld.io) works on different address, so there is no backup if something happens with n1:



Thank you for that.

I will pass the info to Alan.



From Waves Client

It is very simple to lease

Click on Leasing Tab

Enter wavesworld as address

Enter number of waves to lease

Click Send

Cancel anytime

Distribution amount varies each week based on number of factors.

Past lease payouts are posted on Twitter each week

Waves World redistributes all mined waves plus bonus Waves World Loyalty Token each week on Mondays

Trade WW or shop at Wavesworld.io

Is added bonus

Total last week of lease rewards was over 2700 USD

Your waves never leave your wallet.

Ошибся с передачей в лизинг

Its great to be a part of waves World


Thanks to the Waves World team for what they are doing. The project is developing rapidly, despite the fact that he is still young. Community voting for important decisions is awesome. And leasing from WW is reliable.


Starting leasing my Waves since the last 2 month on Waves World node. Got my rewards every monday. Keep trying to be the top 100, hahaha. Thanks Waves World :grinning:


Gave lease their coins site Waves World.Already got dividends.I’m going to add some coins.And today I was pleasantly surprised by communication with the administrator,who clearly explained everything.I wish you good luck and recommend Waves World to everyone.


Waves world node really the best way to lease your waves


İm happy for leasing waves world, waves world is best node in waves


I tried different pools, but this one gave me the best return. Recommended