WavesCS - C# client library for Waves API

Or is there no need to use /addresses to generate wallet address for each user? As long as you create a seed from the PrivateKeyAccount you can get the address that can be used right away and no need to write that address to the wallet file?

Yes, that’s how it supposed to be used

We published new NuGet package version 1.2.0 to Node release 0.17.2 (Testnet):

  • Add InvokeScriptTransaction’s support
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Thanks. Yes I’m using PrivateKeyAccount to generate address and my work is in progress now. Will look into the updated release.

Hi, Im trying to broadcast a txn with an both valid and invalid amounts to simulate an error response. But I always get a 400 Bad Request even if the amount is invalid. The response body of the exception is always blank, How can I retrieve the json string similar to what Swagger API is throwing out so I can properly display an error message rather than a run time error?

We published new NuGet package version 1.2.2:

  • Add ProtoBuf nodes support
  • Add OrderV2 support
  • Add getBytes() to Transactions and Orders