Pool name: WavesDesk

Address for leasing: 3P5Mdr6BMHYc1i4jpj4wraLnjF9SBXN78pc

Website: https://wavesdesk.com

Payment policy:
– Waves fees generated: 0% distributed to you, 100% to WavesDesk token holders (and we keep 0%)

Pool Representatives: [email protected]

Feature voting policy:
Currently support for all features and will vote YES for new features. Let’s make Waves big and strong.

Other Details:
WavesDesk is adding value to Waves because WavesDesk has a Block Explorer. Support WavesDesk, it is more than a node. Lease your Waves to WavesDesk. Go to https://wavesdesk.com and find your account to see the benefits of WavesDesk.


Hi Im new to the leasing part of waves how much would I get if I lease 20 Waves to you?


not really profitable,
20 waves can have 0.01 waves or less a week


umm I see thank you very much Redfish