Pool name:


Address for leasing:




Payment policy:

95% of Waves and MRT earned every week.

Weekly pay-outs : every monday

Pool Representatives:

Alex Jou

@wavesfullnode (Telegram)
@wavesfullnode (Twitter)

I am a business accountant and business consultant, since 1998. I have been in crypto world since 2013. I am passionate about Wavesplatform since I invested in the ICO. I started the node wavesfullnode.com on 01-05-2017.


Girona (Spain)


Our Weekly reward has been distributed. Many thanks to our lessors. Have a nice week.

Take a look at our payment here:


107 Weekly Payout distributed. Have a nice time:


The 108 Weekly payout has been distributed. Have a nice week!


Please I want to know the minimum waves for leasing am thinking of leasing to your node please get back to me. thanks


Good morning:

There is no mínimum and no maximum for lease.

Have a nice time!



Our Weekly reward has been distributed.Many thanks for all!


Have a nice week everyone. Our Weekly Reward has been distributed.Many thanks to all!


Weekly Reward Distributed. Have a nice time!