WavesGo Education Fund

Dear Community,

Two weeks ago we have received a 3k WAVES grant from the Waves Labs Grants program for our WavesGo Education Fund to promote the creation of educational material in and around the Waves Platform ecosystem.

What is the WavesGo Education Fund?
The WavesGo Education Fund aims at creating incentives for people to spread their knowledge and create useful content for people interested in Waves Platform products. We welcome submissions in any (shareable) medium and have rewarded people for creating blog posts, videos, tutorials and applications.

As an example see this video tutorial from TheDevWorks

or this blog post from @Hoshingen

How can I contribute to the WavesGo Education Fund

In order to reach as many people as possible and foster the creation of interesting content we have set a few rules:

  • English only
  • Communicate in an appropriate and professional manner, there are enough “to the moon” posts out there
  • No ICO promotion
  • Focus on the Waves Platform/Ecosystem

We acknowledge that only accepting English content is a hurdle for many community members, but we simply lack the time (and language skills) to make sure non-English content is substantial enough to be rewarded.

What’s in it for you?

All accepted posts will be spread via the official WavesGo social media accounts; if desired, articles can be posted on the WavesGo Medium page. This is an opportunity for you to get your name out there, support the Waves Platform and receive feedback. On top of it you’ll receive a Waves Bounty for your work, the amount of the bounty depends on your effort.

If you would like to submit an idea or have any questions, please send a message in this forum, on twitter or via email go@wavesgo.com

PS: We’ve already received a few great submissions and are looking forward to present you some great content in the following weeks


Thank you very much to @Hoshingen for another great tutorial video. We happily rewarded their contribution with a small Waves donation.

Do you have a good idea or would like to submit any content? Send me a DM here or on Twitter

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Thank you very much to @hawky_WavesBI and his son Silas for this great submission. We are very happy to support this new weekly articles series with a grant from the WavesGo Education Fund

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