WavesGo Node


We do not want to attract new leases, please have a look at smaller nodes and lease to them. This page is solely for information purpose

Pool name:


Payment policy:
Payout every Thursday, 90% of Waves +10,000 WGO.
In order to make people move their leases we do not payout MRT.

Pool Representatives:

tech genius

Germany & Switzerland

Feature voting policy:
So far we supported all new features, but decide on a case-by-case basis


Greetings, WavesGo, why your site is so poor?

  • Your waves explorer is so slow (and nearly unusable by design)
  • Faucet page doesn’t work
  • Tokens page doesn’t load

Do you have a plan of any updates? My question is here because you’re the top node, a waves showcase. Personally i was afraid of the platform before understood that your site is not an official one.


Hello deemru,
Thanks for your message.
I agree that the website is currently not in best shape.
Yes, there are plans to update the website. Due to a lack of manpower it’s not first priority but it will get a complete revamp in the future.


Could you include the leasing address in the information post please?


I don’t think they want more people leasing to them since they already are the biggest node and want to scale down for network security and decentralization.