Pool name: Wavesnode_sander

Address for leasing: 3PEjdMgnR7a48RnZoW8RF8TeEqidue28Wgm

Website: In Progress

Payment policy: Not yet configured, will be 90%

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Each Month

Location: Amsterdam

Personal Node that will be used in the future for more purposes. For now it is to support the Decentralization of the Wavesplatform. The 10% that is not been payed out will be used in the future!


just a thought,

Is it profitable to run a waves Node when waves is too cheap and there were a lots of competition?



If you have enough waves for yourself than you can host a machine and lease all your waves to your own node. (or other people want to lease there waves to you)
On the following link you can see how much you get from the amount of waves that is been leased on your node:

And the only costs that you have is running the machine (so electricity and maybe contract for a VM somewhere else). And of course some time to set it up and manage it when there are problems.

I am not doing it directly for the money, I am doing it more likely for supporting the platform and its Decentralization.
Want to help Waves and I like that there are more nodes running and asking for leasers because this makes Waves so strong :slight_smile: