Wavesplatform is Giving away ETH? Its a complete SCAM


Helloe Guys,

I just wanna ask if you encounter this Giving away 10 ETH by sending 1ETH!
The site is ---------

And the telegram is ----
they said;

It is a giveaway for our success of activating our smart contract on mainnet

And many are commenting that they receive that huge amount!
Is this a Scamming using WAVES name?
And they keep inviting and i don’t how I was in that telegram!



I told them to let people know in Waves Forum about this,


The next thing happen is I was banned! LOL!


please do not post links to scams, if you feel like it needs to be seen either take a screenshot or make them non-clickable (with a disclaimer). thanks


This is a fake group which looks like official group.


of course they are very stupid scammers