Wavesvector trading broker


We are actively trading in cryptocurrency and forex. We welcome individuals to learn trade through us for FREE by opening a wallet and live account through our recommended brokerage platform ‘WAVES DEX’.

With the automated Waves trading bot of Wavesvector you can earn money on the best decentraliced exchange automatically. Auto buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dollar and Euro and many more.

For those individuals who do not have the time to trade on their own - you can invest in Wavesector and we trade on your behalf and you will receive profit by selling Wavesector at a higher price.

Fully Data-Driven

Panic selling, greedy buying, these are just some of the ways that emotions may affect your trading for the worse. Wavesvector uses pure analysis to drive its trading decisions. We trade in excellent software and use more than 130 indicators and candle patterns for our automatic algorithms and parameters.

We have no minimum investment for our members. The gain of our trading goes back to all our Wavesector member holders. We buyback at a higher price and increasing like this the value of Wavesector.

Wavesector holder can benefit from the following developments:

Escrow services, trading bots, broker profit distribution, VIP workshops, dApps, web3.0, smart contract, and trade consulting.​