WAWES faucet


Hey. tell me is it possible to get WAVES without attachments ? is there a faucet ?


Check out https://h2ox.io/U_U54ONAW5TKNS8A


Hello, SAHA72.
Please tell us, without what attachments do you mean ?
There is a faucet to get 10 WAVES on testnet. you can find it here https://testnet.wavesexplorer.com/faucet
It will be soon available at the new explorer aswell


in my opinion it does not work I enter my address waves but nothing happens


Check also https://h2ox.io/U_5K31WO8HG73XT0


thanks for the link. I figured out how and what and sent me 10 coins !!!:ухмыляющийся:


Вроде кранов нет, только купить.