We have released the new DEX!


The new DEX

I want to answer some popular questions you have asked me before.

When will night mode be implemented in the client?
We are planning to release this feature in July.

Why are open orders only active for 30 days? People really hate that feature on Bittrex, and now you’re copying it from them?
This has always been the case for our Matcher. We have just included it in the UI.

When can we get a Ticker / Symbol for our Currency?
When we will finish developing voting for tokens.

Why have you changed the color of the candles? Green is better.
You can change the chart color directly in the chart settings, but we will include an easier way when night mode is released.

When is the client coming out of beta?
Technically it’s ready to go, but we want to make an easy and secure way to automatically migrate all users’ accounts to the new domain. We have a great solution for this in development, so the Client will be coming out of beta very soon.

Feedback always welcome.


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