WEST leasing on Waves.Exchange

If waves.exchange puts up a UI for WEST leasing in its client while simultaneously running its own node made up of its user’s native WEST units, the profits can be paid out to waves.exchange on the WEST network, converted to WAVES network units via the gateway and distributed on the WAVES network according to stake size. Allowing users to trade and lease for rewards from the app. Even without it being run on the WEST blockchain.
To sidestep the need for a private key verification per user, is may be possible for Waves.Exchange to clone the gateway units for documentation on its own site, and transfer all waves based west back to the native network. As long as the clone can be returned to the gateway at the same 1:1 ratio, there shouldn’t be a problem.

-Tons of evident incentive behind being able to lease WEST tokens via the mobile Waves.Exchange app. win - win

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