When i can sell it?


Where i can sell coin from picture?


Probably never. It seems a scam/spam token. Burn it or move/let it into spam folder.


Hi kussowski. You should take a look at the orderbook of this token. But always be careful. This article will be useful for you: https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/waves-client/security/spam-transactions.html


Never heard of it before, probably it’s a scam


Hi! Where did you get this coin? Did you manage to sell it?


Thanks for the Sharing Lars :+1:


Never heard of it either. Is it this one?


Yes,seems to be this one.


I wonder how many different coins exist and some of them have a really funny name:grin:


Actually, there are thousands of different coins. Another problem, how many of them are worthy and not a scam? It is very difficult nowadays to find some trustworthy and really good coin.


We have to choose among top coins I think. They are reliable and trustworthy


I believe in prpjects who have a nice technology behind the coin. Siacoin, for instance, even if the platform shuts down all of a sudden, no data will be lost as it is split between hosts


Don’t know anything about Siacoin:)


I also didn’t hear about such a coin. Is this a new perspective token?


yes, but sometimes even new coins become a good investment.


Siacoin is not a new coin, and I think, it has quite an audience! Although, it is not presented on many platforms!


Do you think, a Trumpcoin will be a good investment?:smile:


Is it a new coin. may be it become a good investment. ERC20 standard token with smart contract is popular token in the ICO platform. further more information visit the website icolcone . com