Where is the best way to trade?


On which exchanges do you earn trading and which is best and safest?:sunglasses:


Waves Decentralized Exchange is the safest one :wink: You can earn money from using it, there are many pair to make arbitrage between pairs.


I have CharityCoin being traded on the Dex now. I would be happy to trade some with your token.


I suggest the following waves token for purchase:
3. Gresikcoin
4. Trooper
5. Wct
6. Wnet

My reason will be understood immediately you read the following article about them:


Not reallly what this person was asking about.


I think there are many options to select from, so to me that’s not exactly the major issue. I believe the major and probably the most important aspect is the strategy to trade, if we have that right then that’s enough. I have figured out easiest way and through Cryptonewstrends that’s just what I get. There is just much everything any Cryptocurrency trader could wish or expect. The major advantage is non-stop news and trending stories available, so that allows me or even anyone to work in rather comfortable way.


I think trading waves on the waves dex is impossible if you buy it goes down if you sell it goes up, i think its a scam bot robbing everyone on the waves token 100% of the time if you buy it drops if you sell it goes up


We are on the verge of uncovering a monstrous conspiracy.

But seriously, there is no conspiracy.


its not a conspiracy but its hard to use the dex because the prices are out of wack. today waves is 10% higher price on dex than everywhere else, but so is bitcoin that means the usd is screwy and that makes it hard to trade. Cant buy cant sell cause there is no way to know why the prices are 10% too high on the dex


Just look for the DEX rates for Waves/BTC market. It’s the same as Binance rate or any other exchange. Don’t look at the USD price on DEX, there is a little hidden trick. Or just check the USD Waves price on DEX here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/waves/#markets

All exchanges show waves at 2.80-2.88

i hate hidden tricks, i t would help if it was just accurate lol


looks like these assholes at waves market making just screw with the usd prices and eur and fuck around to rip people off. Im getting really fucking sick of this crap ass exchange and shitty fucking crashing waves


NazCoin very chip yet


Well, I am not an expert to exactly define the way to go ahead with trading, but I do know that we need to keep grip on all the happening in the Crypto industry, as that is the only way we will be able to perform nicely.

I do just that and this is why I was able to spot out the opportunity yesterday that came through Li Xiaolai, who really made people sit up and take notice. With such mighty news, it’s just the way forward to trade and to do it successfully.


Coinbase, Binance, kranken


I prefer centralized exchanges but not the giants. I’m in search for an alternative now.


I just want to buy with a credit card as I do not want any difficulties so I’ve come across one exchange called www.getex.com, so I’ll wait for it to be launched and maybe even will finally start learning trading tricks as they promise an easy-to-use interface on top of that.


Trade RedfishCoin to waves or BTC, can be exchange both on WavesDEX and Nanu.Exchange, Hold Redfish for Monthly Shares


Did you find such one? I also wanna find a new, user friendly fiat-cryto exchange.


Sound very interesting. When it will be launched?