Where is the best way to trade?

Do you know when it’s launched?

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In one month, for all I know

Well, I suppose that it will be launched in one month, but I am not sure, of course. That’s what they say

Cause I’m looking for a convenient exchange to start learning trading so I hope they are more suitable for rookies than any other.

Oh I am a newbie in trading as well. Well, they claim to have interface and features convenient both for proffesional and beginners

Will be waiting for them to be launched. I already made an application at their website, so they will note me about the start.

I choose Gemini and Coinbase, they are convenient and have good security

Tell me when you start trading, we can share experience

I like Gemini as well. They have a nice system of fees

Yes, the system of fees is great for me, as well I like their interface

Do they support all the coins you trade?

I use Gemini to trade ETH. As far as I know, they don’t support EOS, though I like this coin too

Yep, that’s why I don’t like Gemini.

Of course I will share my experience! Thanks for your interest.

You can’t be serious! EOS is like one of the most popular coins today. Gonna check Gemini now

And do you do day trading?

The best way to trade is on Forex platforms 100%. InstaForex, by the way, is the most convenient one to start from.

Robinhood (US) Exchange is safe.

I tried new otc bitcoin service https://thejingstock.com/. For this moment, I have only positive feedback.

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