Why cant i send suspicious tokens to another wallet

Hi not sure if im in the right area but why cant we send our suspicious tokens to another wallet. My ethbank i think can be used in the dapp of Ethereum but i cant send it to that wallet

Here a list stating why: please read. I had the same issue until I realized:

  • Freezing . Transactions with a smart asset can be prohibited before (or after) the moment when the blockchain reaches a certain height.
  • Black / white lists . Transfer of a smart asset can be prohibited to the specified addresses or, conversely, allowed only to the specified addresses.
  • Commission . The creator of the smart asset can set a commission that will be paid to him for each operation with his smart asset.
  • Multi-signature . A smart asset may require the signing of multiple accounts to complete a transaction.
  • Purchase restriction . A rule can be established according to which a smart asset can only be purchased for certain tokens. Buying a smart asset for other tokens may be prohibited.
  • Restriction on the matcher . A rule may be established according to which the purchase and sale transaction of a smart asset can be carried out only by a specific matcher.
  • Gaming . For a smart asset used as game currency, permission can be set to make transactions only in specified game locations or only between characters with certain properties.

The features of smart assets are not limited to the examples given