Why my created token turned suspicious

I need help to undesrtand exactly why a token turn suspicious, I need an especific explanacion, I tried 2 times , money waisted, and by my point of view Im not gonna get my money back, it seems to be pretty obvious that this is on purpose, problably this company us making money from our mistakes, I hope some body explain me specificly why that happen since the rules explanation not satisfy me enough, thanks

Here some points to check: How to create a Token

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Hello. If you think that your asset was marked as spam by a mistake contact our support
Best regards, Waves Community Manager.

Thank you for answer me, I just want to learn how use my tokens because other people send me tokens for free all the time and I can’t share my tokens, why? Why they’re doing it and I can’t

It is possible that you didn’t comply with one or more rules.

What’s the asset ID of your tokens? We could check and give you our opinion, if you want.

Or you can contact directly Waves support.