Why was it your choice?


Hi! Why did you choose Waves? What pushed you to using it?


Easy Asset creating system. That’s it.


да я даже и не знаю почиму но есть монеты которые я могу купить за waves


Waves DEX: :+1::+1::+1:


There are several coins which I can buy only with waves


What are those coins?


Увидел этот проект и просто влюбился в него.


Like what for example?


А почему конкретно? Это российский проект, да? Так как очень много информации и комментариев на русском :slight_smile:


convenient interface


А какие монеты можно купить за waves?


Do you mean the waves blockchain or what?


I would like to know what exactly made you fall in love


I have not had such tight relationships with any crypto project yet ahah I hope I’ll find something truly exceptional for myself one day


What about new coins, any preferences?


There are some among altcoins


For example, which ones you like?


Tron, VeChain - have you heard of them? And what about you?


I haven’t heard of them. Why do you like it?


Tron yes, VeChain - no, I had to google it. Why these coins, what advantages they give? For daily trading or for investing?