Xandereum token and the Xanderian Institute


So if I buy 1 million then Im in the Newton Range?


No. The grade is for those who study at the Xanderian Institute and are graded using three amount of xandereum they are ready to be graded with.


You can buy xandereum but it doesn’t mean you have been graded as a Newton.


Update on the Xandereum project.
We’re working earnestly to get people lecture on the institute.
We are also working on a bookstore. Possibly, a simple bookstore in the beginning but a more robust one in the coming months.

Like a great man once said, “you can only improve on something that is already created.”

We are slated to run a Pre-sale in quarter 1 of 2019. No date yet.

There is only going to be 1 billion out of the 100 billion sold in the ICO.

The rest 99 billion will be ‘mined’ by posting lecture materials and by basically using the institute. The amounts giving vary and will in no way reduce the value of the token.

We have a market waiting for our product. This institute is totally free, thus, we already have tones people looking forward to it’s release.

We’ve also already developed our certification card. Picture below.
It basically, embodies the principles of the Xanderian institute.

We in no way want to be derivative of a traditional institute, hence the certification card.

The certification card is merely a representation of the real certification that will be present of the waves blockchain.

White paper: 740536_5b4f2e4ff24645a59bdd37e9dddb5f95 (2).pdf (193.1 KB)


Update 21/11/18

We’ve made progress on the development of the xanderian institute bookstore.

The xandereum token is the token for buying books at the bookstore.

The site is still being developed but will be launched soon.

Stay with us.





Good project





Thanks Nice Tokn


Education project. That is great



Update 17/12/19
The xandereum wallet card.
We have added a new feature to the card.
We’ve made the certification transaction ID scannable with a QR code!

Tell us what you think.


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Good Token Xand


Good Token Xand


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Xandereum mega airdrop

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Great idea … Good Luck