Zylofon-[Blockchain football Jackpot Launched]

I am wining this gameCapturewin

Good Luck, but next time there is no need posting your stake here. our system auto collates the Stakes. Thank You

The first set has begun, and will not be available for submission. For the next set of game,visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoZeSZhvtk8F3dhyfp3NQ36h1u67vKuph4RuE3z4NGF8mSXQ/viewform

Blockchain Football Jackpot continues, and the next set of games[ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoZeSZhvtk8F3dhyfp3NQ36h1u67vKuph4RuE3z4NGF8mSXQ/viewform ]d
Good Luck with Zylofon

Zylofon token is currently available with the following trading pairs. [Zylofon/Waves],[Zylofon/Ccryptogram], [zylofon/BTC] and [Zylofon/USD]

If i hit 4 of 5, and Play for 10 zco, how much i will win?

Thank you for your questions,See the answer below45
[Goodluck with zylofon]

when you will send the payments?

The payments have been sent

All winners have receive their payments, with multiple winners, the price were shared as stated in our [Terms and conditions] If you are here, you win and did not receive you funs, just post your address address here,

Weekend Cracker, Game is now jjj available for staking
Goodluck with Zylofon

Where is the link to this one?

sorry i didn’t provide the link, it is the same as the previous

But there were only 4 participants, i hit 4 of 5, and get only 15zylofon

List of participants

You have send zylofon only to me, so who else have win?

Everything is on the blockchain

Can you answer my questions?

Please,we are sorry for any inconvenience that would have caused, Zylofon is a digital content development and distribution platform where content creators(developers and sponsors ) get royalties for their work. Investors needs to maintain minimum of 400 ZCO in order to earn weekly royalties from the sale of Zylofon range of products.
Prior to the 'issue of Zylofon (ZCO) token, product sale and royalties payments were done in fiat currencies. Beside the content development, Zylofon also operate soccer betting center:, where all the transactions were all done through Fiat payment (people come to the shop buy tickets and when the match ends the winners bring their tickets for payment.). Prior to the Issue of the ZCO token our option use to be only. Single game betting. For example [Liverpool vs Chelsea ] = [Liverpool 2.4, Draw 2.3, Chelsea 2.3] i e with the single betting the is no limit for the amount to play and the amount to win, if you select Liverpool 2.4 and play say 5000 ZCO, and it ends that Liverpool wins then your win will be [5000*2.4]=12,000 ZCO.
Now the challenge comes after the implementation of the Five game jackpot. for the first week, most of the existing customers opted for the single line betting with few going for the 5 game jackpot.For the jackpot, the maximum one could play is 10 ZCO or its equivalent in fiat. and the maximum win for the pool was 5000 ZCO or its equivalent.Now in case of multiple wins the price would be shared as was stated in our terms. Any one who narrowly missed by a game was given a consolation for 4 out of 5. Now that very day, a customer came to the shop, he was asked whether he was playing single bet or jackpot?, he said jackpot, he predicted the outcome of the five games and presented 5,000 ZCO equivalent in fiat. The shop attendant mistakenly accepted this as a jacpot bet instead of single bet.which was converted and sent to the blockchain[https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/AQ5QSHQFZbBsA6S6qsb8Na9NArStiBujcwpEK2yRKsn6], to the customer, he thinks that, he had played 1000 ZCO for each game. so four of the games correctly played and he is demanding 8,756.34 ZCO equivalent in fiat as his win. Per the terms the maximum to be shared for 4 game consolation is limited to 200 ZCO. This has really affected the sharing of consolation price. but we made sure everyone received at least 50% in addition to their stake amount paid back. we are currently working on our platform to contain more feature to serve you better. Waves blockchain is a wonderful platform and lets work in harmony to make this dream happen. Forfuncoin, don’t forget to post your address here for some Zylofon ZCO tokens.Try and also send me some Forfuncoins when you receive the ZCO. Thank you. Note: there are two coordinators for the two platforms, one for [content development and Distribution platform] and [one for blockchain Jackpot Platform] so anything relating to project submission, content development and payment of royalties should be posted in[ blockchain Jackpot Platform]'s thread and anything relating to soccer betting should be posted here. Thank you and goodluck with Zylofon

Blockchain Football Jackpot continues, and the next set of games[ Nam

Zylofon airdrops in Progress to be distributed on 31/10/2018