Zylofon digital platform



Zylofon is a decentralized digital Project development and distribution Platform where
Content Creators (Developers and Sponsors) get royalties for their work. Zylofon Provides
a room for Content Creators(Developers and Sponsors) to collectively develop original
monetizable digital content, including Accounting /bookkeeping Software Packages,
Customized Databases, E-books, and applications.
Creators receive payment in Zylofon Coin ZCO, the platform’s currency, which is tradable on the Waves DEX exchange.
The amount of ZCO creators receive correspond to the ZCO held in their wallet and the Proceed from the sale of the Platform’s (Zylofon) Products.
Zylofon Product market includes Accounting /bookkeeping
Software Packages, Customized Databases and E-books that you could ever imagine.

A total of [18,206.2014500 ZCO] tokens were paid on 7th November, 2018 as weekly royalties to content Creators(Developers and Sponsors) for the period 01/11/2018-07/11/2018. This was the last time royalties were paid. It happened because we had an internal challenge with our DAP System and an Investigation needed to be carried on because we had several developers managing the DAP Account. We are sorry for the inconvenience this would have caused. We are happy to announce to you that Zylofon is resuming the payment of Royalties on 6 March, 2019. Also the DAP Account is now being Managed by Zylofon Platform.

Note: To qualify for weekly royalties, you need to maintain a minimum of 400 ZCO in your wallet. [Goodluck with zylofon]

Asset ID; ASUHGbzwFkUrTMFC9AyU2nK2tbxmtNv2AgbXZHXgbr5i


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Note: The Airdrop will be Distributed on 06/03/2019

{Good luck with Zylofon}


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