Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens

They won’t make you rich…lol maybe not the faucets, but the coins can…I hear the ROAR is going to be desired rare token? XPAND is holding value? I’m just surmising, surmising with a somewhat not educated guess. In other words, I’m new …so fill free to correct my thoughts or add to them.

XPAND is a stablecoin, pegged to the U.S. Dollar, that allows a 10% price fluctuation: min 1,000$ (refund price) and max 1,100$ fixed by a large sell order set to prevent higher prices.

ROAR is a rare and very interesting token.

The max supply is 100,000 tokens and, until now, we have airdropped around 2000 ROAR tokens and sold some at increasing price (1$-525$).

Due to the airdrop many traders are selling them at really cheap price on the DEX. Thanks to that, buying now some ROAR from these traders could give you potentially a strong return on investment in the future.

This because every 25 circulating XPAND, 1 XPAND token will be available to be swapped 1:1 vs ROAR tokens. Always keep in mind that 1 XPAND is worth 1,000$ – 1,100$.
Consider that the XPAND mass adoption is a required step the swap of all ROAR tokens:
more circulating XPAND = more XPAND available for the swap 1:1 with ROAR.

You could buy ROAR tokens now for few dollars/waves/tokens and potentially sell them to other traders at 1,000$ or less or more - you decide - or wait for the swap. Also consider that, since the max supply is very low - 100,000 tokens - the price of ROAR tokens could potentially go over the XPAND price.

Definitely it’s up to you to decide whether to invest or not few cents or dollars for a potential very strong return.

How many XPAND did you already sell and how many ROAR got reimbursed?

I already know where you want to end up…

Trading volumes are really low on Waves DEX and this is a problem that affects almost all projects built on Waves Platform. Today’s WAVES DEX daily volume is 240,000$ and much of it is made up of fake trades.

Just look at some much more famous coins and their daily volumes:

  • XMR 16,000$
  • BCH 2,400$
  • Dash 3,000$
  • Zcash 500$

Back to us, you perfectly know how to check the circulating supply… 4 XPAND circulating.
We need to reach 25 XPAND to swap the first 1 XPAND vs 1 ROAR.

XPAND has always been stable since its issue. And this is really important nowadays. It means that you can support a project without any risk of loosing all your capital, because until now I just saw projects dropping the price of 1000-100000 times and more, deliberately or not, due to the bear market.

So far we are financing the project entirely with our personal funds. We just need enough funds to list our tokens on a better exchange and be able to pay developers to realize very interesting things.

I agree that the low volume on the Dex is a pity, that’s just the way it is in a bear market.

I’m actually rather surprised by the low number, by looking at the activity in this channel I expected a lot more.

until now I just saw projects dropping the price of 1000-100000% and more

it’s not possible to drop more than 100%

Yes, right. My mistake. I was thinking of one thing and I wrote another. I meant 1000-100000 times. Giving values such as -99.9% or -99.999% would have been less direct to evaluate.

True. The bear market certainly accounts for much of the decrease in volumes. Probably most of the invested in the wrong moment and lost almost all the capital. And at this time we are touching the lows again. That’s why they are scared to invest again.

However, also questionable decisions have been made about Vostok and other issues that have raised many doubts and uncertainties among investors about the future of Waves. I believe that trust is always the basis of everything, we must not look only at technology. It takes more clarity and less changes that damage those who support Waves.

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Waves-based tokens into Guarda Wallet

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