CcapCoin - A multi-stage long-term project


The CcapCoin introduced by ccaptcha aims to create the perfect cryptocurrencies for using by webmasters.
ccaptcha is a project based on providing captcha services and measuring human interaction with the web.
Ccapcha is a tool for controlling the activity of robots and protecting the website.

The central unit in the ccaptcha project is CcapCoin.
Ccaptcha customers are required to pay CcapCoin to use Ccaptcha services.they can buy ADS or personal service.

Ccapcoin stats
Total amount: 300000000
Decimal points: 5
Type: Not reissuable
Sponsored asset fee: 0.003 CcapCoin

Sales plan:
Sikp is always supported at a specified amount ( we buy your ccapcoin 0.0038 waves any time )
The value of this money will never be less than a certain amount
The unit is sold in three stages:
stage one : total amount 60000000 ccapcoin ( 20%)
34000000 free sale (0.004 waves)
6000000 task drop
200000000 invest on ccaptcha project
at this stage we buy your ccapcoin on 0.0038 waves any time

stage two: total amount 70000000 ccapcoin (23.3%)
440000000 free sale(0.013 waves)
6000000 task drop
20000000 free accelerating ( accelerating on webmaster tools who use ccapcoin to sale )
at this stage we buy your ccapcoin on 0.0123 waves any time

stage three: total amount 170000000 (56.7%)
112000000 free sale ( 0.3 waves)
30000000 CcapCoin blocking
20000000 free accelerating ( accelerating on webmaster tools who use ccapcoin to sale )
at this stage we buy your ccapcoin on 0.28 waves any time

we are working on CcapCoin website and will share it here when we make it ready project will lunch in next 52 day

you want investing and have some CcapCoin?
we sale CcapCoin at this packages
500 CcapCoin for 2 waves
1000 CcapCoin for 4 waves
5000 CcapCoin for 19.9 waves
20000 Ccapcoin for 79 waves
100000 CcapCoin for 380 waves
if you interested to buy CcapCoin can message me here or join our telegram group
You will soon be able to buy the CcapCoin through the website

After the website is ready, you will have more information
We explain the method of spending this capital
We will forecast the growth rate in the next 2 years
We are preparing a dedicated wallet version for the CcapCoin

CCAPCOIN first airdrop










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