"Cryptopball" is a new look to the classic game!

Hey to all. I want to present my game.Now is beta version. The release will be in autumn or earlier. The ability to convert game tokens and operations in DEX will be added in the release. More info here or here. I would like to see any opinion. If not difficult, make a test of the game. Thank you all!

Not bad, I should say. Quite a new look on Pinball and I see its potential to become a next big thing :slight_smile: And I hope it’ll become popular and have high ratings. If I understood correctly, the game will be with using real money. If yes, it should be catching. I read about some casino games for real money, (EDIT: removed gambling affiliate link), and think that you could offer your game to some online casinos. Why not? It could bring good profits, IMO.

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t think in this direction. I’ll definitely look into that, thanks for the tip!

wooow mantaap,sangat menguntungkan:menyeringai::grin::grin:

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This game looks like a Pinball game from my childhood, looks nice!

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So, this game is only for mobile phones, right?
btw, great idea!

Wow! Cool! What about slots online for real money (EDIT: removed link)? Do you have new ideas?