Help needed to recover my seed


It happened I lost my 2 seed words which is the last two. I have the 13 phrasal words and wen I wrote to the support, they gave me this to get the remaining 2 words. but I don’t knw how to use this to get them. Pls gurus in the house help me b4 I lost the small tokens I have tnx.


How can you lose only 2 words?

The only way to recover those two words is to try out every combination from the 2048 words in every single order. You know it are the last two words so this brings you to about 4 million different combinations (2048 x 2048). You`ll need some kind of script for that I guess.


I forgot to scroll down to copy the last two words when I just opened the wallet. Hmmm that procedure is going to be hectic oo


And the PC you created the wallet on no longer remembers it (so you can login with the password)?


Can I log in with password apart from the 15 seeds? Bcs I still remember my password


Yes you can because your PC remembers the account. The 15 word seed is only required if your cookies got deleted / your pc chrashed etc. Did you use webversion of the downloadable client?


I wnt to link my wallet wt wave platform so that is why I need d seed.


If you can login to the wallet on the pc on which you initially created the wallet then you can still backup your seed from there. You only need your password and the pc which has the wallet stored.


Did you succeed? Or is more support required?


Actually, only one word is lost. The last word plays the role of CRC (like the last digits of credit card), so it can be calculated. Just 2048 words to try :slight_smile:


There is open source tool: