Renaissance Engineering Token # Decentralized Construction Projects


This is the first time that I saw a project unders Waves platform and it looks great.


With such a great team leading the project, I’m sure that it’ll achieve all of it’s goals and more.


Curious about the project, seems right to let investors benefit!


Good project, good luck


Awesome project… one for the future


Thanks you are always welcome


nice project.
good luck


Great project and great team, i like the project!!


Awesome profit sharing business and this airdrops will mke Renaissance Engineering token to be known :+1::+1:


Great Pproject! Top. I hope it will bring many profits.


Very Great project Good luck team !!


i think thia is great project…so nobody donot mie


Yeah look great :grinning:


This is a real use case token backed up by a working team. This will be a huge success soon!


Very promising token! Hopefully you can make it one of the best projects on WAVES platform!


Glad to land here I didn’t know this forum. Wave has a great community and with less volatility more great projects like Renaissance Retoken come to life



a project that inspires confidence!


Great project cant wait


good airdrop and project
I will try to fellow the project until the end