Suggestions regarding MRT, WTC, LIQUID


So here is a suggestion which i think the team should consider and take some action:
The MRT, WCT and LIQUID tokens were thought to act as a platform token that will incentivize usage of DEX and increase community engagement within the network via airdrops, voting rights, etc. You all know that right now these tokens do not prove what they were supposed to be. They are there, in the DEX, for nobody’s good. They are just confusing people and creates trouble for the team too.

What I am suggesting is, fix these tokens to a certain ratio of Vostok. For example, each token equals to 0.1 VST (it is just a hypothetical ratio). After fixing these tokens, it is possible to get rid of these tokens and their supposed to be functions throughout the network. This action will possibly create three situations, which makes it worth to be considered:

  1. It will be a good way to promote Vostok by fixing these coins to it. The community and future newcomers will wonder about Vostok and create a community engagement before being released out. Everybody will be curious of Vostok and ask “why these tokens are fixed with VST”.

  2. Waves chain will get rid of these confusing coins and Waves will be the only coin to hold to use the network.

  3. Holders of MRT, WCT, and LIQUID will not get offended because of the deletion. Instead, they will be happy because their investment will be fixed with a coin, which will create a lot of hype and increase in value.


So who you gonna “punish” or “reward”?
People bought at different prices, fix it now at a certain rate, some people bought it at multiple waves others at 0.15 waves, so what’s fair then?


some people bought bıtcoın at 19k usd, and some people bought waves at 17 usd, there is no punıshment or reward, there is just get rıd of that useless tokens, or team really should create a usecase for them but as ı see they dont have any idea about creating a usecase or they dont have caurage because of communıty , because like you people wıll start to complaın allways, team makıng 1000 waves fee for better token communıty complaınıng than they drop ıt to 10 wct :smiley: ıt must be a joke btw but communıty want that than comunıty complaın agaın. best way to solve that sıtuatıon is deletın that tokens, and fix everythıng on platform to waves,