WAT Node Leasing

:point_down:Lease your Waves to make WAT stronger​:point_down:

Address for leasing:


Payment Twice a Week.

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Total $TN distributed till date:
2,506.5162553 $TN

:heavy_dollar_sign:Earn additional tokens as a reward for supporting WAT Node!:heavy_dollar_sign:

Pool Representatives:

(WAT, forum usernames, AxaiToken, Tradecoin bio)

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Feature voting policy:
Donate Waves Tokens

What development features do you usually support? How decide, etc…
We support a trading Bot and Tipbot

Other Details:
Welcome to Axai

DISCLAIMER: Beware of fake asset names as token creators can use anything they want.
We cannot be held responsible for any project related activity (or lack thereof),
By using this Exchange, Airdrop, faucet, and any other factors you confirm that you’re aware of the risks mentioned above.

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Join us to Support the Waves community, Currently Node is paying in TurtleNetwork and other tokens to lessors.

Future plans are to run Multiple coins and Token chains to support more communities.

Good Luck and Enjoy with your leasing Towards Node.

Best Regards,

Will be distributing 50000 eCredit to people leasing to the WAT node.

People holding 10000 or more eCredit in their WavesPlatform wallet earn 1% weekly proof of stake rewards

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Axai is celebrating it’s 1st Birthday Axai Node WAT distributions to leasers will start tomorrow 30/9/2019 Enjoy Axai


Axai Distribution completed
https://twitter.com/axai_token/status/1178422965081399297?s=20 T. You for your support.

WAT is now Synced with New Feature 14. Node will forge 6 waves per block from Block no.1740000.

Enjoy Leasing!:blush:

:beginner:Upcoming Feature​:beginner::

Soon Waves Bot will be updated to check Net Asset Value of Asset holdings.

Command Name: /nav

Hello everyone, Axai next distribution on WAT Node on the next block.
Enjoy Trade Hold Lease and get rewards.

We have received some MRT, VST and other tokens, all donated tokens are distributed by WAT Node donations above
T. You for your support…