Waves Platform Book


Why not commission or pay advance, if he is amenable, to Andreas M. Antonopoulos to write a book, ‘Mastering Waves Platform’.
The kudos and marketing opportunities, as well as encouraging developers into Waves & Vostok applications development will be gold dust.
I can’t think of a better ROI for a promotional spend.
Plus, I would obviously browse on Amazon and buy myself a copy!


I’ve never heard that name.

Maybe Elon Mask would be a better choice?


Rofl - he very famous in Blockchain. He wrote ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ amongst others. I expect Sacha and Ilya have personal copies!


This book is not available for free, right?


Exactly - book would be sold.
However Waves Platform could use them for marketing purposes - giving them out at crypto devcons etc.


By the way, did you read it?


Yes, 1st Ed, it was very good and complete.


Hi, guys! All versions are free. Only paper book would be sold. https://github.com/bitcoinbook/bitcoinbook

Dr. Andreas M. Antonopoulos wrote another amazing book “Mastering of Ethereum”.

it would be awesome if we had WavesBook (Mastering of Waves).


Might be useful for developers