Waves Portugal Pool

Pool name: Waves Portugal Pool

Address for leasing: 3P3cT4PgUiqwHYvvi3hKQ7wGbJffsjsEqcZ

Alias: wavesportugal-pool

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

What you get in return

  • Weekly Payments
  • 80% Waves
  • The same amount in Waves Portugal Tokens
  • 10% used to Buyback Waves Portugal tokens on DEX
  • Help the Portuguese Waves Community
  • Participation in decisions to allow new features on the wavesplatform

How to join leasing

  1. Open your Waves wallet
  2. Click Leasing
  3. Enter wavesportugal-pool in the address field or use the following address: 3P3cT4PgUiqwHYvvi3hKQ7wGbJffsjsEqcZ
  4. Choose # of Waves to Lease
  5. Click Start Lease

Contact information

You can contact us directly via the following ways:

Waves Portugal Telegram: @WavesPortugal
Personal Telegram: @nelsonlopes
Twitter: @cryptolopes

We just updated our node to the latest version.

We just processed the pool’s fees from blocks 1841412 to 1894695, a total of 4.94944000 Waves and 4.94944000 Waves Portugal were paid to our leasers. We also have opened a buy back order of 4.94944000 Waves Portugal on Waves.Exchange.