Waves wallet branding for a custom token


Good day,

I would like to know :

  1. Whether the waves wallet can be branded (different look i.e for my company) for custom token created in WAVES.
  2. To achieve point 1, do I need to write my own wallet and embed it in our mobile solution that is integrated to the Waves wallet API, is this a possibility?

Please advise, your assistance is highly appreciated.


Very interesting questions :thinking:

  1. yes it can…I know the old wallet has several custom builds…and I believe its possible with the new client …but I haven’t actually seen one :smiley:

  1. Yes it can, the old client is fairly easy. The new beta is also fairly easy to set up (just follow npm i and npm run server - requires a bit of tweaking especially as latest version (43) is using https2 under cloudflare), however - to change text etc it’s getting more complicated as Waves platform is using https://locize.com (which is btw a great solution, but requires more info).
    We launched our ICO today for the ultimate stablecoin CopyrightCoins (https://copyrightcoins.com The currency for royalties…) under beta.wavesplatform.com as they do a brilliant job for a long term Crowdsale as ours.


Thank you for the info, I will attempt your suggestion.


jes thats a good topic i wanted to ask it as well but thanks to the duplicate topics support i found this one, it might be possible to code a theme plug in on the waves wallet similar like the chrome or firefox browser.



Yes, and I want to create a wallet or simplify (disassemble) the original one from Waves, so that in my wallet there is only one of my own token, so that I can send it and receive it.