Whats wrong with my asset contract code?


I’m building a smart asset script to make 1 token = 10 wave, and have a minimum buy of 5 tokens.

The below work fine when within their own seperate script. However, when I combine them as I do below, I get contract error scripts. Is this a bug in my code, or waves itself?

let expiration = 1552064400000 # March 8 2019, 8pm Moscow time
let price = 1000000000 # 10 WAVES
let amount = 5
match tx {
case a: ExchangeTransaction =>
let pair = a.buyOrder.assetPair
let tradedForWaves = ! isDefined(pair.amountAsset) ||
! isDefined(pair.priceAsset)
tradedForWaves && a.price == price
case b: ExchangeTransaction =>
b.amount == amount
case c: BurnTransaction =>
c.timestamp > expiration
case _: TransferTransaction | MassTransferTransaction => true
case _ => false


You agree that:

I) You will not use the token for fraudulent purposes;
II) You will not duplicate, fully or in part, the name of an existing cryptocurrency or a well-known company with the aim of misleading users;
III) You will not use names of states, other administrative units or municipal institutions for the token’s name with the aim of misleading users;
IV) You will not set a script on a smart asset that limits exchange transactions on Waves DEX by asset quantity;
V) You will not give false information in a smart asset’s description concerning the rules governing the token’s use, which do not correspond to those of the script installed on it;

Failure to observe these points will lead to your token being classified as suspicious, and it will be available to search only by ID.


Where are you getting that information from?

I ask, as their smartasset script on the ide examples do exactly that!


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