Where can I manually sign a message?


Can someone tell he how to manually sign a message in a wallet. Also is there an api that I can use for my app that lets me verify the signed message?



Would you like to sign a custom message (some text for example) or would you like to sign a transaction?


I’d like to sign a message to prove I own the wallet. Not a tx


Do they have support?


Any ideas??? I can do this with counterparty on Bitcoin, but I want to create on waves. Not only am i looking for a way to sign, but also an easy way to verify the signature is correct, like a Rest API.


It actually exists on the node API:

Be careful, signing a message on a node which is not yours is VERY insecure.


Yeah looks like you have to give your private key (no way). I was hoping for something in waves wallet, or in waves keeper that allows it manually. I’d like to make a game where people can prove ownership of wallet and assets in it without forking over private key.


You can do it with Waves Keeper for sure, look at signRequest method.