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Hey, guys!
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is there an option to see all open orders in the app?

i really want this option to keep control over my trades.


Hi, tatiana

Since beginning, i could leave waves platform. Excellent new update of wallet. I like it too much. However, one thing is still missing.

Hopelly, in next future update. To add fiat currency conversion base on local currency.

So, therefore we dont need to calculate manually when paying bill at local fiat currency.

Atm , available at sending field coloum, coin only to enter. Hopelly next update available fiat amount at field beside coin field coloum.



New client is great!
Need some new features:

  1. Automatic conversion of commission for any token traded on the stock market relative to the Waves. It is necessary so that transactions can be made even if there are no Waves on the balance sheet, although the transaction commission becomes more network commission + exchange commission.

  2. Add the ability to receive / transmit tokens via nfc

  3. Add the ability to display a list of contacts from the phone book who already has a client installed.

  4. “Shadow addresses” - addresses for which it is impossible to see the balance. This is necessary to ensure retail sales in particular, so that the sender / recipient without your knowledge could not see the balance of the final account.

  5. Ability to vote for the development of new features of the platform. Let it be Waves / WCT or MRT. These funds after the vote will go to encourage developers.That is, you send a token to a specific address that participates in the voting, if voting is canceled, the funds are returned back.

  6. The possibility of appointing his commission on the node, which will affect the frequency of the block signature by small nodes. 10 nodes with this transaction processing cost require that the commission becomes relevant for customers. This will allow nodes with smaller balance sheets to process transactions more often, which will increase network decentralization.

  7. In the case of node clogging by signing transactions, the block is signed by another node (performance rank), which will also increase the level of decentralization and network stability, and also increase the demands on the resource of the system on which the node is running.

Thank you.


I would love an option to hide all tokens from the startscreen by default and choose which you would like to show. Or maybe not hide everything by default but make a ‘hide all’ button so you can handpick which coins and tokens you would like to show. This prevents the amount of work needed to hide assets if you have hundreds of tokens on old accounts.


Hi! I think in the application on the dex tab you need to show olhcv data when you hover on the candles.


Is 3 possible? I vote for 5


Hi Tatiana,

We will happy if Waves team will implement below feature in mobile application: