Tradecoin (Utility Token): "A new Revolutionary Complete Blockchain Ecosystem for Crypto Tokens and Crypto Coins"


Tradecoin UtilityToken: A Complete Ecosystem to Support Crypto’s Community

Whitepaper- Beta Version: v1.0.0
(This is not the final version, complete whitepaper is still under development to suits law approval)


Tradecoin is a decentralized blockchain based crypto utility token created under WAVES platform. Tradecoin utility token works on Deflationary Economic model, the price of Tradecoin Token is expected to raise *** (with type of risk involved in crypto currencies) due to its increased Crypto assets (including Waves) available on various famous blockchain (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Waves and more). Tradecoin soon will own its WAVES based revenue operation of mining and leasing pool which will also generate crypto assets.

Definition of utility token: a digital token of cryptocurrency that is issued in order to fund development of the cryptocurrency and that can be later used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the cryptocurrency sold utility tokens as a method of fundraising for the start-up.

Revenue Model:

  • Crypto’s Mining Operations including Cloud Mining
  • Fixed Interest Earned on Crypto Assets
  • Crypto’s Trading from Multiple Exchanges
  • Earning from lending platforms
  • Leasing pools

Additional benefits to Token Holders

  • Free Airdrops Payout per Token holders
    (from received tokens in the form of donation or freely distributed by the community to spread awareness about new tokens)

Leasing Pool details are as follow:

We most welcome you to join our Waves leasing pool.

for a Sustainable profit lease your waves here:

Token Burning:

The main target of burning tokens is quite simple, and that is to support an asset’s price growth and value increase.The Unique feature of “token burn” will also increase token price.In its simplest term, burning a token means making the token permanently unspendable so that the token is no longer usable.

Technical Description of the Platform

Version: 2
Token Name: Tradecoin
Block Number: 1261445
Cap Type: Hard Cap (Non-Reissuable)
Total Supply: 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000.000000)
Date and Time of Creation:  2018-11-14 16:25 
Asset ID: EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4
Unit Fraction: up to 6 Digits (Unit Tradecoin Token is divisible under 1.000000)


Tradecoin Road map (October, 2018 to October, 2019)

Token Distribution Model


Social Media

●Bitcointalk Find us: trd_Tradecoin





●YouTube and other famous social media sources

Market Pair Availability with Other Crypto Assets

Tradecoin Market pairs under WAVES platform

  • Tradecoin/BTC
  • Tradecoin/LTC
  • Tradecoin/WAVES
  • Tradecoin/ETH
  • Tradecoin/BTC
  • Tradecoin/DASH

Wallets Setup

Desktop Wallet

Here is the link: (for Windows/MAC/Linux PC) (Completely based on Waves DEX platform not on others)

Mobile Wallet

Google Android or IOS Application for Wallet:

After Complete registration process and Installation of Android/IOS Wallet:

  1. Go to DEX and Touch “ + ” button.

  2. Touch on top right 3 Vertical dots.

  3. Touch on “ Show Unverified Assets ”.

  4. Search “ Tradecoin ” and Select All Tradecoin related pairs showing under Asset ID.
    ( EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4 )

Note: Choosing correct Asset ID is very important because there may be other Crypto tokens available under same name. (Tradecoin Asset ID is EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4)

  1. Tradecoin Asset pair will be added to your DEX list.

  2. Touch on the selected Tradecoin Pair and you will see the Market price on the Top right Corner to Buy/Sell Tradecoin Token.


How the token holders can Earn Profits from Tradecoin?

As Tradecoin works on Deflation model, the price of Tradecoin Token is expected to raise *** (type of risk involved in crypto currencies) due to increased Crypto Assets (from various earning sources mentioned up in Whitepaper) on its provided storage wallet addresses including Waves. The Unique feature of “ token burn will also help to increase the token price.

"In its simplest form, burning a token means making the token permanently unspendable so that the token is no longer usable."

What is the minimum Investment required?

You can buy as minimum as 100 Tradecoin but suggestion is to buy in a unit of 100’s and 1000’s. So buy more token to have maximum percentage of Stakeholder in Tradecoin.

What is the transaction fees to transfer Tradecoin?

Flat Transaction fees to transfer Token is 50 Tradecoin from one wallet to another wallet is smaller to larger transactions.

How much quantity I can buy?

Initially there is a cap of 1 million tokens on each Tradecoin pair to avoid speculation.

How to buy Tradecoin- step by step instructions?

  1. Go to and do the registration process until you are properly login.

  2. Go to the DEX Exchange tab, after having filling your account in any convenient cryptocurrency you hold outside wallet then transfer them to waves client first and buy few waves.
    (means, If you want to Buy Tradecoin from your existing available Cryptocurrency outside somewhere then transfer your BTC to your wave’s platform client first. Then buy at least 0.003 waves or more to trade on platform which is a trading fees. Note: If you try to execute order without waves, transaction error will show or it will not get executed.


  1. Enter Tradecoin in the search and select the Cryptocurrency pair of interest, for convenience.


  1. Next, enter the desired number of Tradecoin tokens and click Buy Tradecoin.
    (Kindly note as mentioned earlier you must Buy or have at least few waves in your wallet. for single Trade Waves platform charge 0.003 waves as a flat charges and that fees goes to miners.)

  2. If everything goes successfully then Congratulations! You have Completed your first Tradecoin trading!


Tradecoin Token is being built with mass adoption in mind from the start. We have attempted to show the technical solutions that may be used to give the end-user unseen opportunities, and to pave the way for the rapid adoption of blockchain technology.

Best Regards,

Tradecoin Team

DISCLAIMER: FOR THE PURCHASE OF Tradecoin Token Holders . … Extreme changes in price may occur at any time, resulting in a potential loss of value of your entire investment in cryptocurrencies , complete or partial loss of purchasing power, and difficulty or a complete inability to sell or exchange your digital currency.

Private Token Sale
Tradecoin Circulating Supply of Token has crossed 2.1 Million
Announcement: Tradecoin Token Circulating Supply has crossed ~16.86 millions
Announcement: Tradecoin Token Circulating Supply has crossed ~7.2 millions
Urgent Help Please.
Announcement: Tradecoin Circulating Supply of Tokens has crossed ~4 millions
Promoting your Token Part II(CLOSED)
Promoting your Token Part II(CLOSED)
Announcement: Tradecoin Token Circulating Supply has crossed ~20.75 millions

Excellent team with broader visions.

All the best @TRADECOIN :+1:


Of Course @ASawaika , with a good intention of maintaining Ecosystem of crypto’s we collectively (Tradecoin team) will be able to achieve the Tradecoin vision.