Waves World Node


Waves World

Address for leasing:3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4


**Payment policy:100% LPOS Paid Weekly 100% Waves 100% MRT 7.6 Million Waves World Token Airdrop each week for one year until June 2019 Waves World Addresses Holding 1 Million or more Waves World Tokens receive automatic daily Rewards. Current reward is set at 3500 WW per day for Millionaires Club, Waves World Marketplace will open 4th Quarter 2018. Spend your tokens on Crypto themed merchandise and services.

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Weekly on Mondays 100% LPOS Paid Weekly 100% Waves 100% MRT plus 7.6 Million Waves World Token Airdrop each week to our Leases for one year June 2019.
Waves World Token is 1) A Loyalty token to Reward Supporters who lease to our Node or Hodl (Hold 1 million and receive daily rewards Automatically) 2) A Utility Token to make Purchases in the Waves World Marketplace (Going live 4th Quarter 2018)

Pool Representatives:Our Company and Team decrypti.com
Alan Dubla
Co-Founder & CEO
Back-End, Node Maintenance. He has 38 years of technology experience. BS Computer Information Systems, Computer Services Business owner since 1999

Mike Mooney
Co-Founder & COO
Retired Military, Ebay Powerseller, BS Medical Masters Science

Evelina Lavrova
Marketing & PR Director
Top 10 Females in Crypto 2017, Former Global Marketing and PR at Waves Platform, prior to that she promoted Pay-Me, Yell.ru, Gett, BS Marketing

Location: Node and Co Founders USA

**Feature voting policy:Group Consensus. Voting policy is being created. t.me/wavesworld for more info or to chat with the Team.

What development features do you usually support? How decide, etc… We ask the Waves World Community, and Lessors via Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/WavesPlatformCC/ and our Telegram Community. t.me/wavesworld We follow all Waves Platform news and updates.

Waves World is a diverse blockchain ecosystem built around a major Waves mining pool and our crypto marketplace, which provides official Waves, and many other Blockchain related items. Our services are designed to engage and reward both our direct supporters and the wider crypto sector. We’re veterans of the blockchain space who are passionate about Waves and peer-to-peer technology, and have created Waves World for the grassroots community around the simple values of personal engagement and maximising the economic benefits we know crypto holds for the world.


The WW token is the native currency of Waves World. It functions as the default token of payment for all of our services, and is the means by which we reward supporters of all kinds and build value around our ecosystem. 40 percent of all WW is being distributed to our lessors in a weekly airdrop, up until June 2019. WW Tokens can be used to purchase goods and services in our Marketplace. Grand Opening November 23, 2018,

Name: Waves World

Exchange: Waves DEX

Asset ID: AbunLGErT5ctzVN8MVjb4Ad9YgjpubB8Hqb17VxzfAck


If you own at least one million Waves World tokens, you will automatically receive Waves World airdrops every day (currently 3500 WW) and be eligible for other exclusive rewards. The WW token will be embedded in our site and you will be able to spend your rewards on all kinds of blockchain-related goods and services on the Waves World Marketplace (coming this Fall). Millionaires Club members will always receive priority on these items. For example, MC members will have first refusal on initial production runs and limited-edition items.

We’re working on a series of further benefits aimed at expanding our Millionaires Club and the advantages we offer to them. Of course, holders with less than 1 million WW will also be able to shop at our marketplace and enjoy the increase in value for items you can purchase in our Marketplace. Marketplace Grand Opening is set for Friday, November 23, 2018,
Find out more about the Millionaires Club here. :**

Waves World Marketplace Loyalty Token Marketplace Mining Pool & Millionaires Club Airdrops

Hello! I sent to you 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4
from my 3P53pScWJ48dXdNpqXaoNnw5KDLYtGuUfQt 10 waves
instead of to hand over them in leasing
I Ask to sent facilities in leasing
with kind regards, MALTA


I apply repeatedly. I sent you my waves instead of leasing .
I ask to check my transaction.
I sent also 0,001 wsvea for the return of my facilities.
Your silence strongly unhinged me.


Sorry, did not see this message. I will look into it now.


Your 10 Waves were sent back to you. Sorry I did not see the msg sooner.
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TX ID: BgME14tV3cGqcrqAfUHBCidD6epQtAxg1SshC1vgYZFV | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 9/27/2018 14:49:35 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4 | TX AMOUNT: 10.00000000 Waves | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3P53pScWJ48dXdNpqXaoNnw5KDLYtGuUfQt | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves | ATTACHMENT: 8Gj2fNNq5uPNNqHPV75ScvxCTcKes18hqXw9Ug1UkW5JqSMn5mU5gibWU2XxFMpMFJ5DS61FU9iSvyhdRQCvN1nno


Ok, all right! Thanks!


Wavesworld node is most bang for your buck, simple as that. 100% rewards + wavesworld tokens beats the other nodes by far.


Redfishcoin Collaborate with Waves World! The most Profitable leasing out of the rest,
Better you check them for sure!


Great Node and team! Good luck!


The coolest nodes! Good luck guys!


Great rewards. Expect big things from this team.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Thank you! Grand opening of WW Marketplace on Black Friday :smile:


Thank you! Stay tuned for the Grand opening of WW Marketplace on Black Friday, November 23, 2018 :smile:


Thank you for your support!!! Much more to come.


TYVM for leasing to Waves World Node.:blush:


Liked - 12 :hearts: now


Thank you for supporting Waves World :smile:


Waves World Leasing Payments Sent 15 OCT 2018 714 payments 7680980.00 Waves World Paid! 62.40520007 $ Waves paid! 1599.85 of $ MRT paid!


Why at the next payment I stop renting my Waves at this node?

A few weeks ago, I discovered this Waves node. I was excited about this project and I immediately rented my (few) Waves and bought 1 million Waves World.

The first week of rental everything is going well. I receive 769 WW, MRTs and Waves. The second and third week, I receive only 1 WW !!!

The fourth week, on the payment JSON files, I see that I have to receive 769 WW. A problem on the node and I receive only 1 WW instead of 769. Answer on Telegram? Any. So I lost 768 WW that were certainly distributed to a whale.

Regarding this problem of 1 WW paid, a long conversation about the Telegram account of Waves World was initiated after my complaints. It turns out that the WW payout script uses homemade computation formulas instead of using the simple and highly equitable formulas used to pay for MRTs and Waves.

Each week 7,680,980 WW are distributed. With this house formula, the big owners of Waves are largely favored at the expense of small renters and some small renters earn huge amounts in WW while others earn only 1 WW. And it’s totally unfair …

An address rents 1000 Waves and receives 1,551,538 WW

An address rents 26 Waves and receives 2308 WW

My address rents 30 WW and receives only 1 WW …!!!

It’s really a messy script… and nothing is done to fix the problems it generates.

However, the solution exists: adapt the payment script of the MRTs and Waves to the payment of WW and it is not difficult because it is simply necessary to change the ID of the token and the total amount paid each week.